I missed writing and am happy to start. This new website will focus on upcoming artists again and I will use my platform to bring awareness for their work. Previous column seemed to be good for artists who joined !!!

The idea now is to have 2 artists every week and also to have projects where we will take a dive into. I am not doing this alone as I teamed up with VishΞNFT

Some already know him as an active member in the NFTs space and others will yet get to know him. Feeling honored to do this together! Lets start with the first artist

My name is Jacob but I go by 3seater. I started off in my creative journey when I was a youngin at age 12. My dad is a designer so one day I started playing around on photoshop as a kid and it sparked my interest. From age 12-15 I did designs in the gaming community like youtube banners/desktop backgrounds and such. I eventually gave it up and got back into digital art around age 18. I started doing concept cover art and fan art for rappers. I grew my brand on Instagram and eventually turned into a full time job doing freelance. I have been blessed to work with a lot of big artists such as NBA Youngboy, Juice WRLD, Polo G, Migos and many more. I later got into 3D and my art slowly evolved into what it is today!

Hi, I am an artist of the Rebel Kids Haunted Mansion collection and I want to share with you our story. All artists who come to NFT know how freeing it is to be creative. You can be anything you want in this community and I chose to be the one who tell scary tales around the campfire.

I love teenage horror stories about all kinds of evil things. Once I made up a story that was later made into Rebel Kids.
Later on I got into NFT and sold a bunch of artworks on FND and had the opportunity to stop for a second and figure out what exactly I wanted to do