My name is Jacob but I go by 3seater. I started off in my creative journey when I was a youngin at age 12. My dad is a designer so one day I started playing around on photoshop as a kid and it sparked my interest. From age 12-15 I did designs in the gaming community like youtube banners/desktop backgrounds and such. I eventually gave it up and got back into digital art around age 18. I started doing concept cover art and fan art for rappers. I grew my brand on Instagram and eventually turned into a full time job doing freelance. I have been blessed to work with a lot of big artists such as NBA Youngboy, Juice WRLD, Polo G, Migos and many more. I later got into 3D and my art slowly evolved into what it is today!

Kira is a magic-obsessed filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist. She is passionate about exploring the themes of perceptions of reality, mental health and emotions. She has produced 60+ short films and music videos that have screened and won awards at film festivals internationally. She has been journeying in the world of NFTs for about 4 months now and since then has sold out on all platforms (17 NFTs on Foundation, 50+ NFTs on OpenSea, and 650+ editions sold on Hic et Nunc).

Hi, I’m NostalgicScarlett, and let me share with you some details of my personal journey into the web 3.0 metaverse. Discover glimpses of my art, my world, and myself that have never been published before!

My relationship with art has always been quite turbulent. One can say nothing of value can emerge from turbulence and chaos. I thought the same until I’ve realized that there is some value in volatility. You see, accepting the volatility as a normal, indispensable matter of life actually set me free. It also led me to gain a fresh perspective on the world around us. From that point on, art has become an ever-present motor for my personal growth and a source of great pleasure.

I have a creepy artist name. But my real name is Ceren.

My emotional fluctuations in life are similar to the names I choose. sometimes too dark or too soft.

I met blockchain 5 years ago thanks to the Steemit site. And the pandemic process fell badly in the middle of my life.

First I was unemployed and then my husband. My country has never been able to support its people during the pandemic process.

Well my name is Denize.

Self-taught 2D & 3D artist. I born 29 years ago in a small village in the Netherlands and work parttime in an elderly home.

While working with patients I discovered that painting and drawing classes allow those with dementia to express themselves in meaningful ways.

I saw the most beautiful paintings but I have always been drawn to art , in nature mostly...