Jacob - 3seater

1) Tell us about yourself !

My name is Jacob but I go by 3seater. I started off in my creative journey when I was a youngin at age 12. My dad is a designer so one day I started playing around on photoshop as a kid and it sparked my interest. From age 12-15 I did designs in the gaming community like youtube banners/desktop backgrounds and such. I eventually gave it up and got back into digital art around age 18. I started doing concept cover art and fan art for rappers. I grew my brand on Instagram and eventually turned into a full time job doing freelance. I have been blessed to work with a lot of big artists such as NBA Youngboy, Juice WRLD, Polo G, Migos and many more. I later got into 3D and my art slowly evolved into what it is today!

2) How did you end up in the NFT world?

My good friend Koen told me about NFTs last year around November. I shrugged it off because I didn't really understand it and around March this year I put more time into it and started to involve myself in the community. I sold a few pieces and met a lot of cool people and eventually freelancing caught back up to me and I quit NFTs for a few months. I just recently got back into the space around September and have seen a lot more success since then and now I am here to stay forever!

3) Tell us something about an artwork of yours.

This piece “Brainstorm” is my most recent piece of art and its also an NFT. This piece is the third edition of a trilogy of my “Crystallite” character. This one is about how I am an overthinker and sometimes it can lead to bad thoughts and my downfall and can also lead to innovation within myself and my art. I created this piece with Daz 3D, Cinema 4D & Octane Render.

4) Where does your passion and inspiration come from?

My passion for digital art started from wanting to create visuals for my favorite artists and rappers. I really wanted to be able to take full control of an artists creative direction and really up the level of their visuals. Eventually my passion shifted to just creating whatever I wanted. I don’t have too many specific inspirations for my art, most of it just comes from my imagination but some of my favorite artists are Yugal, Karlifetz, Jpierce, David Ariew, Kid Eight and many more.

5) What have you learned in the NFT world?

The NFT space has taught me I can be myself. I can create whatever I want and I can be rewarded and supported for being myself, which is super inspiring and liberating for me. Coming from the music industry it's amazing to see this new world of art. Working as a freelance artist in the music industry can be really stressful and comes with a lot of baggage and it quickly killed a lot of my passion for being creative.

6) What are your plans for the future?

Currently I don’t have a specific route I'm headed in, just going with the flow. I want to continue doing 1/1s and creating art with my Crystallite character. I hope to one day in the future do a collection to create a bigger community around my art but for now I enjoy creating 1/1s.

7) Finally, what is something you want to share with other artists or collectors?

To any other artists who are discouraged or want to get into the space. My one piece of advice is to involve yourself in the community first before you worry about selling pieces all the time. It can easily get stressful really fast if you join the space and only worry about the numbers and the sales ect. Most of my collectors I have are people I just met from engaging on threads and involving myself in conversation. Collectors will only buy your art if it feels natural and they connect with it and you. If you care more about community and just being involved, NFTs become a lot more fun!