Kira Bursky

Kira is a magic-obsessed filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist. She is passionate about exploring the themes of perceptions of reality, mental health and emotions. She has produced 60+ short films and music videos that have screened and won awards at film festivals internationally. She has been journeying in the world of NFTs for about 4 months now and since then has sold out on all platforms (17 NFTs on Foundation, 50+ NFTs on OpenSea, and 650+ editions sold on Hic et Nunc).

One day Kira got on the phone with her brother Jeremy. He told her all about this new thing called “NFTs,” passionately explaining the world of crypto, the crazy sales taking place, and how she should try selling her art as NFTs ASAP! Kira was deeply confused, yet very intrigued! She did some research and the curiosity grew stronger. Soon after this call, her mind-blowingly talented fine art photographer friend Ivana Desančić started selling her work as NFTs. Ivana encouraged Kira to join the NFT community and invited Kira to Foundation… and the rest is history!

After releasing some new work as NFTs, one night Kira saw a pattern in a few of her pieces emerge: subconscious portraits that metaphorically portrayed her emotions and mental states. Inspired, Kira sat down and decided to let her subconscious freely flow and express itself. What would her subconscious say to her through art? This process was so inspiring and felt so natural and intuitive that Kira decided to create an entire collection based on this premise.

After drawing 50+ pieces, she saw various themes, “subplots,” and characters emerge. None of this was consciously intentional. The art became a way to reveal parts of herself and her experiences that she could not clearly see before. The entire artistic process was a self-reflective and therapeutic experience.

A lot of Kira’s passion and inspiration comes from her journey with mental health and spirituality. She deals with waves of anxiety, depression, and insomnia which thematically play into a lot of her artistic endeavours. She explores the themes of the mind, perceptions of reality, and emotions as a way to reflect, sit with, deeply feel, better understand and heal from her experiences. She is inspired to be authentic and vulnerable with her work to possibly help others to feels more comfortable in expressing their own experiences. She hopes her art helps other people feel less alone.

Kira has learned so much in the NFT world… she doesn’t even know where to start! Two big things:

One, take care of yourself! The NFT space is so fast-paced, fun, and active 24/7. It can be easy to get sucked in and forget to take breaks… this can take a toll on your mental health. Kira has learned that it is important to remember to strike a balance between NFTs/Twitter, life, work, and self-care. If you’re operating from a healthy and balanced state, everything else will fall into place and flow naturally from a place of inner joy.

Two, HAVE FUN! The NFT world has opened up this crazy incredible opportunity for artists to live and create from their hearts! Kira is so excited… she is planning on switching over to NFTs full-time! This means she can create 100% from her soul. Why is she an artist? What is her vision of life? To live a life a love, play, and curiosity! NFTs allow us to do just that… and that is quite magical!

Kira is wrapping up a few final client projects… after this, she plans to switch over to NFTs full-time (with the occasional freelance project here and there if it feels exciting to her heart and soul). She has been prepping her upcoming emotion check-in collection… this will be her biggest collection yet! Details are being finalized now, but she’ll give you a bit of sneak peek information: there will be at least 100 and no more than 1,000 1/1s in this collection!

At the start of her journey, Kira documented her experiences adventuring into the NFT world and published the article “How I Sold My First NFT

Feel free to check it out if you are at the beginning of your NFT journey looking for a bit of guidance! Also, feel free to Tweet Kira @allaroundartsy to say hello!