Well my name is Denize, self-taught 2D/3D artist and i am born 29 years ago in a small village in the Netherlands and work partime in an eldery home.While working with patients I discovered that painting and drawing classes allow those with dementia to express themselves in meaningful ways.

I saw the most beautiful paintings but i have always been drawn to art , in nature mostly. I heard about NFT's late 2020 from a former boyfriend who were into cryptocurrency but were more interested when Beeple sold that 69million piece.

So I really joined this amazing community around march 2021. The first months I were really struggling but after some time I made a sale and instantly bought a piece from another artist. My character is just like that, also in my part time job. But people noticed me and today I make kinda regular sales and have a  collection which I really love. Check them out over here.

This work is inspired by the image of the mafia and their crimes. But basically I want to put something that gives the impression of being happy. Everyone can enjoy without any age limit, so I choose cute, cartoonist shapes with bright colors that are fun, but still There is a dark and mysterious side. I want to show the characteristics of evil mafia characters like in movies, who fight over wealth, wealth, luxury items and others why the title is joy in the hell, because basically they are enjoying the hell they prepared themselves.

The last months I am more focusing on collectibles but not 10K generated stuff but unique handmade 100 or 200 pieces. My first 2 collectible projects yourdigitalcharm and yourdigitalversion were much appreciated but I wanted to learn how to make traits without involvement of a developer. So I decided to do it all on my own and maybe that were not the best decision to make because I am just back from a burn out, its so important to think about mental health.

Anyway I worked for 1.5 month on my upcoming collectibles in 3D on Opensea , and making the final traits as we speak. I Can't be more exited about this. Just being online on NFT twitter gives me so much inspiration to push trough and to help out others.

I hope to do this forever.