Medusa Medusa

I have a creepy artist name. but my real name is Ceren (you should know that this is the name given to the gazelle cub!)
My emotional fluctuations in life are similar to the names I choose. sometimes too dark or too soft.
I met blockchain 5 years ago thanks to the Steemit site. I was working full time at a software company at the time. And the pandemic process fell badly in the middle of my life. First I was unemployed and then my husband. My country has never been able to support its people during the pandemic process. And as a result, my family and I started to worry about our baby's life. I have been a person who is interested in most areas of art at every moment of my life. music, photography, sculpture, painting... But I never knew about digital art. I saw some blogs on Steemit' site. Regarding NFT. and I wondered about it. First, I installed a drawing program on my phone. and everything improved after that. I bought myself a tablet with the money I earned in just 1 month. And that's when I truly stepped into the world of NFT. I must say that I love this field as I learned about the unlimited advantages of digital art. And I've been interested in Digital arts for about 1.5 years. It was a challenging process for me at first. it was stressful.

I created the series of ethnic portraits. I think this is a really loved collection. Here are some portraits that made me happy while creating them. And some different experiments.  I have printed most of my ethnic portraits on Knownorigin. And you can check it out here.

Besides, you can watch the 'Once Upon A Time In Crypto City' series here again. Most of them have made secondary sales

And through these portraits, I met some wonderful people. Made some big wins for me. And I always fall from where I rise. A very important surgery for my little baby and some mishaps like losing our house in a big earthquake.. But we were still alive. everything was great. NFT world has always saved me. It has increased my faith in him. changed my perspective on life. After everything that happened to me, I started to look at the people living on the street, the people inside some houses, and the walls of the houses. I have always observed.. Frankly, my art and creations are inspired by all the details of life. But often the weird and melancholic is my inspiration. His lifestyle is full of details perfect for unknown connoisseurs. You just need to feel the street and the human spirit. If you can observe in the hectic pace of life, you will see a lot in my works.

Before I started making my room drawings, I had many different experiments on Makerspace. In fact, it was one of the most loved ones!  Surreal Chaos.

and other versions of such works...

My last room drawing is Starry Loneliness and Cats.

Other Room drawings here.

Check out my galleries on other platforms to see a lot of art that will actually surprise you click here.

By the way, I'm 30 years old. And I have a wonderful daughter! That's why I try to do my best. I'm not going to say this because I think you've noticed that I have terrible English.