Nostalgic Scarlett

Hi, I’m NostalgicScarlett, and let me share with you some details of my personal journey into the web 3.0 metaverse. Discover glimpses of my art, my world, and myself that have never been published before!

Art as growth
My relationship with art has always been quite turbulent. One can say nothing of value can emerge from turbulence and chaos. I thought the same until I’ve realized that there is some value in volatility. You see, accepting the volatility as a normal, indispensable matter of life actually set me free. It also led me to gain a fresh perspective on the world around us. From that point on, art has become an ever-present motor for my personal growth and a source of great pleasure.

Art as a version of reality
I graduated from art school and fell in love with contemporary art during my studies. If you look closely at my works, you can notice the strong influence of dadaism and surrealism. Some NFT community members even coined the term 'new dadaism' or ‘neodadaism' concerning my works. I’m yet to decide what to think about it. For me, dadaism is all about challenging reality, using mockery as a tool for expression and creating simply absurd relationships. A lot of the works can be considered highly surreal, clearly inspired by dystopia. I also love creating parallel universes in my mind and translating them into some visual form. It enables me to channel my creativity into the boundless and infinite new realms and share my visions with the community.

Art as a therapy
Art is a form of auto-therapy. Creating art helps me to maintain a psychological balance. Thanks to art, I can now wrestle and win with depression that has been my personal nightmare for many years. Art is often a reflection of my feelings. Feelings that I’ve been hiding from the world for too long. There is a reason why only recently have I become more active and started sharing my works with the community.
Knowing how much of an influence art has on people, I needed to be sure I’m mature enough to fully comprehend what I’m doing and trying to convey. Blessed with the warm welcome into the NFT community and its support, I’m becoming more and more daring.

Art as a movement

Not that long ago, a sense of deeper self-understanding has developed within me. This drew me stronger and closer to my inner feminine side. Having access to this unique power, I decided to support other women, who in my head became my sisters. That’s how the FreeNipples initiative was born. We aim to share the feminine points of view on various matters across the emerging metaverse and help the up-and-coming artists in the space through collecting their art. The FreeNipples is a community that strongly values three simple ideas: body awareness, body freedom, and the health of the feminine body. To kick off the initiative, I’ve decided to touch on the subject of increasing the awareness of breast cancer. The community understands how important it’s to love your body, and it's actively dropping the shame and insecurities. Together with the team (shoutout to @YuferevaI!), we’ve already run a couple of NFT sales combined with charity events. With the success of the FreeNipples initiative, we will be able to do so much more! We are thrilled with the positive reception of these ideas and looking forward to spreading them across the metaverse!

I feel that I’m at the very beginning of my personal journey into the metaverse, I plan to continue to explore the dadaism and surreal movement while working with the beautiful and divine-like feminine bodies.