Rebel Kids Haunted Mansion Story

Hi, I am an artist of the Rebel Kids Haunted Mansion collection and I want to share with you our story. All artists who come to NFT know how freeing it is to be creative. You can be anything you want in this community and I chose to be the one who tell scary tales around the campfire.

I love teenage horror stories about all kinds of evil things. Once I made up a story that was later made into Rebel Kids.
Later on I got into NFT and sold a bunch of artworks on FND and had the opportunity to stop for a second and figure out what exactly I wanted to do.
And I decided to create a project that would include art that I create without looking back at anyone, a story that could be made up of different wonders, a community that would gather around it, and all kinds of options for developing the project. That same day my friend Wild_Cake called me and offered to create a generative collection with my spooks.

Rebel Kids

We launched at a bad time and the overall impression of the project may be wrong.
It can be called a failure in terms of sales, but from an artistic point of view, it is one of the most attractive projects since the boom of generative collections. Also in our community there are a lot of people who really appreciate our art and they are all interesting and enthusiastic people, many of whom are also artists. This tells me that the project is sure to go to the moon and I will do my best.

Rebel Kids has all the ingredients to make you smile and freeze with horror - cute animals, creepy vampires, funny ghosts, and appealing characters. We tried to make it as diverse as possible, including different races, gender, eye shape and character so everyone could find themselves in our collection.

An important part of the development of the project is the creation of the game on the Sandbox. We love fun team activities so this game will be hilarious and a little scary. Construction on the Haunted Mansion has already begun and we'll be sharing the progress in our discord in the near future!  The Mansion will be full of traps, secret passages, riddles and NPCs to discuss the weather or the current course of the Etherium...

We are also creating a special collection for Halloween - Rebel Kids Horror. This collection will include 12 unique images of Rebel Kids in costumes of characters from scary stories that everyone knows and loves. Members of the RK community can suggest their designs and I, as the artist, will implement them and then they will be raffled off among the holders in various ways.

Join our community, there's a lot to see and do!